Sunday School

Sunday School

Vision and Values

Our Sunday school ministry exists to glorify God by helping His people grow in their knowledge of His Word, and their ability to live it out. Classes run September through May.

Our core values include:
• Instilling a love for God and His Word
• Providing the necessary training and support for our teachers to carry out their ministry
• Ensuring that teachers use age-appropriate teaching methods
• Equipping our congregation with a Christian worldview
• Delivering a well-rounded Christian education that balances biblical, theological and practical knowledge
• Giving our congregation a theological framework for reading the Bible


Children ages 2 through high school use the curriculum from Great Commission Publications, and our babies and 1 year-olds use the Lifeway curriculum.

Current Adult Classes

2023 Fall

Church History with Elder Micah Tinkham


2023 Winter/Spring

Colossians with Pastor Lloyd

2022 Fall

The Life and Writings of Augustine with Pastor Lloyd

2022 Winter/Spring

Ezekiel with Pastor Lloyd

2021 Fall

The Holy Spirit with Pastor Lloyd

2021 Winter/Spring

Serving the Kingdom: How Why & Where with Pastor John

2020 Fall

The Westminster Confession with Ben Melli

2020 Winter

The Life & Ministry of Paul with Pastor John

Life & Writings of C.S. Lewis with Ben Melli

2019 Fall 🍂
Vanity Fair: A Study in Ecclesiastes with Pastor John Sackett.

2019 Winter

Exodus: The Forming of a Nation with Pastor Lloyd Pierson

2018 Fall 🍂

Shaping the Heart with Pastor Lloyd Pierson.

2018 Winter

Christianity & Culture: What is Our Place in the World? with Pastor Lloyd Pierson.

2016 Fall 🍂

Bioethics with Pastor Lloyd Pierson.

Serving the Kingdom

Sunday School Winter 2021 with Pastor John Sackett Below are selected audio recordings from Pastor John’s class on Serving the Kingdom: How, Why & Where utilizing the gift and skills assessment curriculum of PLACE Ministries. Sunday, March 14 – Connecting Passion with Ministry Part 2 Sunday, March 7 – Connecting Passion with Ministry Part 1…

The Westminster Confession

Sunday School Fall 2020 with Rev. Ben Melli The Presbyterian Church in America has the Westminster Confession of Faith ( as well as the Larger and Shorter catechisms) posted on its website here. Sunday, Oct. 11 – Westminster Confession Chapter 20 Sunday, Oct. 18 – Westminster Confession Chapter 21 Sunday, Oct. 25 – Westminster Confession Chapter 25…