Our Leaders


Associate Pastor John Sackett

A recently retired Air Force Chaplain, John and his family moved in the Summer of 2019 to Kalispell to serve as Associate Pastor at Faith Covenant.  John and Susan have been married 26 years, and with the four older children in college or beyond, are adjusting to life with just one child in high school, […]

Ben Melli

Youth and Refuge Director.

Lloyd Pierson, Ph.D.

Senior Pastor

Lloyd Pierson, Ph.D.

A multi-generational native of Kalispell, Lloyd and his family moved back to the Flathead Valley in 2004 from St. Louis to pastor here at Faith Covenant. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Laura, for 25 years and they have three children. Lloyd received his Divinity degree from Covenant Theological Seminary and his […]


    Trent Neumann

    Tim Anderson

    Tom Jentz

    Don Olmsted

    Matt Riley

    Micah Tinkham


    Kyle Hanson

    Phil Van Duyne

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    Mike Stahlberg

    Micah Hill