Tim Bentson

Tim Bentson

Tim was born into a Christian family in Tacoma, Wash. He graduated from Covenant College with a B.A. in history. In 2006, Tim went with MTW to Chiba, Japan, for an 11-month internship, which stretched into two and a half years. He worked with university students, assisted the church-planting effort, led Bible studies, and taught English conversation.

After returning to the U.S. he began his master of divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando in preparation for serving in Osaka with Genesis International College (GIC) and the local church plant there. As part of his training, he will do a two-year internship with the MTW team in Nagoya, Japan, then return to finish his M.Div. in 2018 before joining the Osaka team.

Due to the competitive nature of Japan’s education system, many Japanese have no opportunity to attend university. At GIC, students receive a second chance both academically and spiritually. As part of the church-planting effort, the Osaka church will partner with a Japanese pastor and be involved in evangelistic outreach efforts to build relationships and, by God’s grace, integrate those connections into the local church.

Current News

I’m currently raising support to work with Mission to the World in Nagoya, Japan to do an internship with a pastor there. This internship is highly valuable for future work with Genesis International College (GIC) in Osaka. GIC is a great new opportunity for people to return to university and gain their degree. It fills a gap that exists in the Japanese education system. Along with the college, I’ll be mainly involved in the church planting effort in Osaka. Japan is the largest un-reached country in the world.

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